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What is causing my game to show and Error 1003 - Could not load.....
This video will show you the causes of the Runtime Error 1003 and how to fix the issue.

   Watch Video - Error 1003

Basically, it all boils down to this. 

1) Do Not Use Absolute Paths in your coding (really - that is so NOOB)

So, use paths like    Load sound "sounds/music_loop.wav",1

Not like  Load sound "c:/program files/my projects/game1/sounds/music_loop.wav",1

2) Pay Attention to where you program is relative to your assets.

Your .dba, .dbproj, .exe files should all be right above your asset folders so the relative paths you use in your program work correctly. Below are two examples. Notice how the program or code files are above the media asset folders. 



3) Names do matter be careful to be Case Sensitive (what out what is and is not capitalized).

music_loop.wav   does not equal     Music_Loop.wav      

splash_screen.bmp does not equal Splash_screen.bmp

You must be exact in how you name and reference names when you code. 

The video above speaks to all of this. Take your time and carefully check to see that you haven't made one of the three mistakes shown in this article. 

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